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Venture Funding – A Year in Review

It’s been just over a year since Taylor Hopkinson closed our 7-figure funding round with our VC partners, SEA Equity so I spoke with our CEO, Tom Hopkinson to reflect on our first year as a VC-backed company. Tom shared how the company has evolved, the challenges of managing rapid growth, and what we learned from the venture capital process. It…
6 November, 2018

Near Future Solar Innovation

Zeitgeist solar isn’t new materials like the mythical Graphene. It’s building on what we already have. A majority of solar production in the US, for example, is still synthesised through crystalline silicon panels – first grabbing sunlight in the 1950s. New tech in solar seems to be complimentary or facilitating what is in place already rather than ground breaking, future…
30 August, 2018
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Japan Climate Initiative

The Japan Climate Initiative (JCI) was born on July 6th, 2018. A network designed to empower communication and exchange strategies to energise climate actions in Japan. The initiative has 105 members (at the moment, but will grow) including big companies and cities. Among the members are 26 companies and major cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama and Kyoto.
17 August, 2018

Global Wind and Solar Just passed 1TW

The combined global capacity of wind and solar installations passed the landmark 1000GW in the first half of 2018. Capacity grew 65X since 2000 and took 18 years to get to 1TW. BNEF expects the second 1000GW will take just 5 years. And will cost around half as much.
7 August, 2018
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Q&A with David Craig

David Craig is one of our Senior Consultants and he emigrated earlier this year to set up our new Singapore hub. I caught up with David over Skype to talk about remote work, productivity, and how to operate in the multicultural global workplace.
3 August, 2018

Skills Shortage Report

The increasing deployment of renewables brings new challenges. Because the field is relatively new and job creation is growing exponentially, it will be increasingly difficult for companies to find skilled talent to fill the hundreds of thousands of new renewable energy jobs each year.
29 June, 2018

Energy Flexibility and Power Markets

Albert Cheung, Head of Research at BNEF, talks about the race to decarbonize the energy sector, and how the first phase – driving down the costs of clean energy – has been a success. The next phase will be a race to unlock flexibility in each part of the power system.
21 May, 2018
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Welcome to Taylor Hopkinson – Now in Singapore

In April, Taylor Hopkinson established a hub in Singapore, giving us a gateway to the entire Asia-Pac region. Now we can provide consulting to our overseas clients without compromising our high-touch approach to business. Starting from a committed team in our Glasgow office, we’re proud to be a truly international company. We have locations spanning the globe and we’ve helped…
9 May, 2018
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20,000 Followers – Thanks!

As well as this blog and our weekly email newsletter, you can join almost 20,000 professionals who get their updates by following us on LinkedIn. We discuss the most interesting renewable energy news from around the web every day. Here's a roundup of recent stories we've shared with our LinkedIn community.
3 May, 2018

Renewable Energy News – Best of March 2018

As well as this blog and our weekly email newsletter, you can join almost 20,000 professionals who get their updates by following us on LinkedIn. We discuss the most interesting renewable energy news from around the web every day. Here's a roundup of recent stories we've shared with our LinkedIn community.
9 April, 2018

Women in Renewables are Leading the way at Boardroom Level

At Taylor Hopkinson we've always believed that a balanced workplace results in a stronger work environment, a more diverse culture, and ultimately better business results. Since launching in 2009, we've worked to include women on every shortlist we present to clients and we're seeing more and more of those female candidates being placed based on merit, not just fulfilling quotas.
8 March, 2018

Unpacking the EU Solar O&M Conference with Scott Thomson

Fresh back from his trip to Europe’s O&M conference in Munich, I sat down with Scott Thomson, Senior Consultant for Solar & Storage, EMEA to debrief on his findings and unpack the most pertinent talking points from the meeting. We cover the pros and cons of in-house vs outsourced O&M, monitoring systems, the role of big data, and the organisational structures…
2 March, 2018

Upgrade Your CV – Checklist

We scour through hundreds of CVs every week hunting for the most qualified candidates to fill the ever-expanding roles we're recruiting for. And in terms of CVs. we see everything from outstanding to outlandish. So we decided to share some of our insider advice to help you upgrade your CV and put you in the running for some of our…
20 February, 2018
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Building Our Team in The City of London

Since establishing our New Markets team in Threadneedle Street in the square mile four months ago, we’ve been making great strides into innovative and less-established clean energy technologies like energy from waste, biomass, and geothermal. Now our entire offshore wind contracts team has moved from Bromley to join our office in The City of London.
5 January, 2018
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Ready, Steady, Cook

Two weeks ago, we held our largest all-hands meeting in Glasgow. When we did this in March of this year, there were 18 people in the room. Just 8 months later, we’ve grown to 38. It’s exciting to experience that inflection point first-hand and we’re super-proud that the vision and culture is just as strong through this growth as it…
24 November, 2017

Corporations are leading the way at COP23

If you're unfamiliar with COP23, it's the United Nations Climate Change Conference attended by ministers and heads of state in Bonn this week. For reference, COP21, held in Paris, culminated in the Paris Agreement, where 196 parties reached consensus, forming a collective initiative to limit global temperature rise to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. But we're already falling…
17 November, 2017

I Don’t Care About Your Interests

Should you list your interests on your CV or resumé? You can probably tell from the title what we think about including your hobbies on your CV. Here's our take... Your CV doesn't have to include everything you've ever done in your life and, whether you're into running ultramarathons or restoring samurai swords, your side-interests shouldn't have any bearing on…
6 November, 2017
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Senior Commercial Lead – SaltX

Taylor Hopkinson are delighted to be retained by SaltX, again! Update - This role has now been filled. This time to search and select a Senior Commercial Lead for their innovative ‘SunCool’ Energy Storage product. The successful candidate will be responsible for selling this product globally, with an initial focus on Asia, Africa, Europe and India. The chosen candidate will have a strong…
24 October, 2017
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The Golden Age for Offshore Wind

A conversation with Tom Hopkinson, CEO. Wind energy, particularly offshore wind, has shown some incredible advances over the past few years. Subsidy-free offshore wind, enormous 8MW turbines, floating wind parks that open up deep-water installation sites, and grid-parity are making wind (along with solar) THE cheapest option across all energies, renewable or otherwise. So I sat down with our CEO, Tom Hopkinson,…
9 October, 2017
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Over £4000 raised for Cancer Research UK

This was our toughest challenge yet - 45km / 28miles – 7000ft of elevation in the end (every muscle was hurting by the end!). Everyone finished together, AND WE WEREN’T LAST!! What an amazing team effort in a field made up of some very strong and fit athletes!! THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us, you're great.
21 July, 2017
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Dii’s Who’s Who of MENAT Renewable Energy

The top decision makers and thought leaders in Renewable Energy in the MENAT region. Dii have named Jamie, one of our Glasgow based Managing Consultants, as one of the top 250 decision makers and thought leaders who are shaping the Renewable Energy sector in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa & Turkey) region. We are very proud to have one of…
7 March, 2017
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Houston, We Have a Solution

We have now opened our new office in Houston, Texas! Houston Texas is widely known as the un-rivalled center for the American energy industry (an industry born of carbon-based fuels) but now, the Lone Star state, Texas, is beginning to evolve. It has now added more wind-based generating capacity than any other state in the U.S, with onshore wind energy…
26 October, 2016
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Taylor Hopkinson Arrive in Mexico

We have opened our Mexico City office this week to continue international expansion to high-growth markets.Recent timely investment in activities in Madrid has served as a stepping stone for the business to approach Mexico, where the renewable and clean energy industry is booming following energy market liberalisation. With the Mexican energy reform, the number of new client accounts across the region…
29 September, 2016