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The UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal aims to increase the representation of women to at least one third by 2030. Taylor Hopkinson is playing its part in establishing the renewables sector as a leader in eliminating racial and gender bias in recruitment processes.

We are committed to attracting and placing the most diverse range of candidates globally, and this is reflected in everything we do:
  • member of the Offshore Wind Industry Council’s ‘Gender Diversity Strategy Group’
  • founding sponsor of WeBridge, a networking platform promoting gender diversity in the renewables sector
  • awarded Recruiter of the Year 2019, with our commitment to diversity cited as a key asset
  • investment in regular diversity training to support our team in a practical way
  • partnership with Voice At The Table, a Diversity & Inclusion consultancy and training provider
  • led by 3 females out of 7 directors, and our multilingual team features 8 nationalities, placing professionals in 40 countries
  • living our brand by carefully considering the language, imagery and messaging used on our website and in our materials to attract and engage with the most diverse audience
Below are some practical steps we have added to our own processes.
We use inclusive language in our job descriptions and adverts (supported by gender decoder software) to ensure that our vocabulary and tone removes conscious and unconscious bias. Our adverts are promoted via a wide range of channels to appeal to and reach a diverse range of talent.
First engagement
We use tailored vocabulary and questioning techniques to build rapport with the candidate, to understand the candidate’s personal and professional motivations to change role.
Screening and selection
Men and women present their experience, value and aspirations in different ways. We level the playing field by varying our language, the focus of our questions, and in our approach to presenting the role and client to the candidate.
Presenting a shortlist
Balanced shortlists offer the client a better opportunity to build a diverse workforce and we aim for a 50/50 gender split. We highlight the less visible strengths and the contribution that diverse candidates can make to the team.
Removing identifiable details from CVs in advance is a good way to assess candidates on their skills and strengths without conscious or unconscious bias.
We consider a variety of interview methods to ensure objectivity:
  • Structured Interviews ask the same pre-agreed questions to all candidates and responses are scored. As it’s less subjective, this approach can remove interviewer bias.
  • Diverse Panels can reflect the culture of a company and can remove ‘similarity bias’.
  • The Skills/Strength Assessment focuses on testing skills to do the job, rather than experience, which can remove barriers for underrepresented groups.
Offer management
Our transparent and consultative communication with candidates and clients throughout the process means that the final stages of offer negotiation should be smooth and professional.
We manage negotiations from offer to full acceptance and onboarding, removing the need for clients to have any difficult or sensitive conversations with candidates which may damage a new relationship.
We would like to discuss which elements of our process we can help you with.

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