3,100MW ScottishPower Renewables East Anglia Offshore Wind Hub

ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) plans to combine three offshore wind projects (East Anglia One North, Two and Three) into The East Anglia Hub, a single 3.1 gigawatt programme. The 4-year construction phase is anticipated to start in 2022, with overall investment of £6.5 billion.

Jonathan Cole, Iberdrola´s Managing Director for Global Offshore Wind, said…

“The UK has a 2050 net zero carbon commitment, and to meet this, offshore wind will need to provide the lion’s share of new renewable power for the country. This ambition is being supported by political parties across the UK and is highly achievable, but it needs ongoing commitment to a supportive regulatory framework that spans across government departments. This is likely to include reform of the grid and planning frameworks, as well as providing greater visibility of the future of the UK electricity market.

“ScottishPower has a key role to play in the UK achieving its ‘Net Zero’ decarbonisation requirements, given our role in producing electricity from only green sources, in transmitting and distributing that electricity and in engaging directly with millions of customers. With the strength of our renewable energy pipeline and our strong presence across the UK energy sector, we fully expect East Anglia Hub to be a key part of the UK’s decarbonisation plans, regardless of whether that power will be sold via government-backed contracts or private power sales arrangements.”

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Source – ScottishPower Renewables
Image Source – East Anglia One from ScottishPower Renewables

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