If you want to help reduce plastic but you’re bewildered by all the nonsensical plastic packaging you have to deal with everyday, you now have better options.

Been made to unwrap your banana more than once?


Plastic-free stores are on the rise, places where you can fill your own bags and bottles with things. Refill a bottle with shampoo. Fill your own reusable bag with fruit.

The clever people at Nice and Serious (https://niceandserious.com/) came up with a simple idea to help…

An online map pinpointing where you can find zero-waste shops that let you fill your own receptacles with goods to cut down waste and plastic.

There are no more excuses, London.

It’s only for London at the minute but we hope this catches on and spreads across the UK and everywhere.


If you know about a shop who falls into this category please add it to the list and share the knowledge.


Back to bars of soap.

If you want to go little further there is also a great little guide to green alternatives to everyday items.


For example, have you thought about going back to bars of soap?

Liquid soap can take up to 5x more energy to make than bar soap, and then there’s the plastic bottle it comes in…