Formula E charges forward



In May 2021, Formula E is set to race for the first time ever, on the full Monaco street circuit. Having raced three times previously in Monaco, this will be the first on the traditional track.

This is significant. First up, it represents a growing acceptance that electric vehicles will play a large part in the future of transport, not only on our roads, but on the racing circuit as well.

It also highlights the role that Formula E can play in actively promoting an exciting vision of electric mobility and renewable energy solutions to fight climate change around the world.

Formula E is the world’s first fully electric international single seater street racing series. Its vision is

‘to accelerate change towards an electric future, one race and one city at a time.’

Now in its fifth season, Formula E is garnering real support. Its global platform offers the potential to reach millions of people all across the world to raise awareness of the benefits of electrical vehicles and inspire drivers to make sustainable choices.

Formula E has become a major testbed for the development of new technologies needed for an electric, low-carbon future and those technologies are shaping the everyday cars on our roads today.

Sylvain Filippi, managing director of the Envision Virgin Racing Formula E team says,

“In just a short space of time – Formula E is only in its fifth season after all – we’ve seen a dramatic advancement in EV battery and software technology.”

Formula E is ‘racing for a cleaner future, faster’. Working with some of the world’s most recognised and influential names, it is set to make a real contribution to the transition to electric mobility and a clean energy future.

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Photo by Alex Pettitt on Unsplash

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