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You might have heard about GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) in the news recently. It’s basically a new European regulation designed to pull together the existing rules that protect all of our data and online privacy. It’s a brilliant new gold standard for the rest of the world to follow. For us, it’s not just about staying on the right side of the law (that’s the least we can do). We’ve always held ourselves to a higher standard by putting you in control of your information. That means being 100% up-front with you about how we use your details…


  •  We only send you relevant updates about jobs, news and events.
  •  We don’t share your personal data.
  •  Your data belongs to you and we store it securely.
  •  Every newsletter has a profile link so you can view or update your details.
  • You can opt out anytime using the unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

Very occasionally we ask for your feedback too.

Sometimes we like to ask for your feedback on our website.

How we can make it better for you?

Ideally, we want this site to be as easy to use and friction free as possible. Your input helps us to continue making our site more user friendly and ultimately more useful for you.

Or another example, from last year, when we invited readers to help us understand how we can better match candidates with companies.

Thanks to the 1,202 subscribers who helped with that study, we were able to share valuable new insights about the skills shortage for renewable energy jobs. (If you missed out, we’ll be sharing those results again in our newsletter soon).

That’s all for now. You don’t need to do anything else.

And if you’d like to read the more verbose legal version our lawyers wrote, you can view our full policy at

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