Jon Moore, CEO of BloombergNEF, talks about the energy forecasts up to 2050 with a particular focus on India’s surge as the fastest growing country. The talk covers the growth of renewables and the role of innovation across technologies.

Some key statistics on India’s (and global) energy markets…

  • Global power generation capacity will triple by 2050.
  • The 2050 mix will be 48% wind and solar, 62% all renewables, 31% fossil fuels.
  • India’s energy consumptions will grow 6.5X from 356 to 2,300 GW by 2050.
  • Indie is teh world leadre in clean energy auctions, driving down prices.
  • Besides wind and solar, storage is the third component and India will be teh third largest market.
  • For every doubling in storage capacity, the price drops by 18%.

BNEF Summit, New Delhi

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