QA/QC Manager – Green Hydrogen Plant Construction

Our clients mission is to catalyze the global transition to a climate-neutral economy by harnessing the potential of clean hydrogen. We strategically integrate clean hydrogen sources with end consumers in industrial and mobility sectors worldwide, overcoming geographical barriers in deserts, oceans, and mountains with our commitment to mastering the safe and efficient storage and transportation of hydrogen, a highly volatile element


  • Provide dedicated support to the project team in the effective implementation of quality activities within assigned projects.
  • Assist project management by addressing and resolving all project-specific quality management issues.
  • Conduct meticulous analyses of offers and contracts, with a focus on quality-relevant specifications.
  • Spearhead the organization and implementation of strategic quality measures to ensure rigorous compliance with industry standards.
  • Develop and meticulously control comprehensive quality and test plans, aligning them with project objectives.
  • Act as the central authority for handling and resolving quality issues within the project.
  • Systematically manage and eliminate any deviations from established quality standards.


  • Hold a degree in engineering or an equivalent, successfully completed qualification.
  • Bring forth a minimum of 3 years of substantial experience in the field of quality assurance within plant engineering.
  • Demonstrate an independent and methodical work approach, coupled with a strong commitment to quality-assured practices.
  • Show a preference for ongoing professional development, with a desired background in additional training within the domain of quality management.
  • Exhibit a readiness for business-related travel, specifically for inspections and tests.