Mobilise: introducing our innovative platform for securing wind technicians

Quadrupling global wind capacity to 3TW this decade means adding tens of thousands of new wind technicians to handle installations and O&M. Our new software platform Mobilise helps overcome the scaling challenges by helping clients find compliant, work-ready technicians – and helping contractors find opportunities and manage their work life.

To achieve the net zero targets set by governments around the world, global wind energy capacity must quadruple to over 3TW by 2030. Installation and O&M at this scale means overcoming the skills shortage to deploy tens of thousands of new wind technicians.

Such a challenge presented our internal innovation hub with an opportunity to explore novel solutions for resourcing and workforce management.

The result is Mobilise, our new software platform that helps clients find compliant, work-ready technicians, and helps contractors find opportunities and manage their work life.

Mobilise software platform

What is Mobilise?

After working with thousands of contractors over the last decade, we knew there was a better way of working. So we built Mobilise.

Mobilise is a software platform that connects clients with fully compliant, ready-to-go contractors. It’s based on real-time trends and the data that matters – availability, experience, pay rate and certificates.

Our software automates routine tasks so that recruiters can spend more time on the invaluable knowledge work that only skilled professionals can do. It means faster response times with better levels of support. And by streamlining communication, clients can connect instantly with contractors and make faster decisions without going back and forth through a recruitment consultant.

With transparency as a core value, we share pay rates upfront so everyone has more visibility. It just so happens that it speeds up the process by better matching contractors to projects.

Who is Mobilise for?

Mobilise serves both sides of the talent market- those hiring, such as OEMs, and the wind technicians providing services. Subcontractors can use Mobilise to build out a team, and then bid for tenders to provide services.

Mobilise allows clients to directly input their required scope of work, which returns a live list of suitable technicians that are available to hire with one click. Mobilise helps improve compliance with upfront access to GWOs, CVs and references before hiring. Workers are pre-screened and verified, eliminating back-and-forth and reducing time to hire.

For contractors, Mobilise provides a simpler way to find work and manage their schedule without ever having to apply for jobs again. Since Mobilise helps wind techs maintain a complete work profile, including experience, up-to-date certificates and pre-checked references, they no longer need to apply to jobs. Instead, jobs come to them.

Our live WINDA integration helps contractors manage their certificates and sends alerts for those expiring. And we work with training providers to share discounts with Mobilise members.

As we launch, the focus is on wind technician roles but there’s scope to expand into other segments across renewables where Taylor Hopkinson is already supporting client requirements.

What makes Mobilise different?

The main difference is that Mobilise gives clients direct access to suitable contractors. Instead of calling around recruiters and agencies, a hiring manager can enter their requirements directly into Mobilise and the intelligent algorithm immediately returns a list of the most optimal workforce, along with their credentials and up-to-date certification. Hiring is simplified to a few clicks, cutting out all the back-and-forth chasing up documents and contracts.

As a result, Mobilise helps solve urgent requests where a contractor has dropped out at the last minute because they got offered a better rate on another job. Or a visa didn’t come through.

But the big idea is to eliminate emergencies altogether.

Mobilise makes workforce management more proactive, helping subcontractors and contractors to forecast their work. By offering transparent pay rates, contractors no longer need to hedge by accepting multiple offers. And because Mobilise helps contractors manage their certs and retraining, compliance is always 100%.

The real advantage is that it’s not all just software – our account managers and talent support team maintain the essential human elements, and Mobilise is supported by the operations and compliance experts at Taylor Hopkinson.

What’s next for Mobilise?

The Mobilise team has an ambitious vision to disrupt the industry over the next 10 years. Our plan involves better workforce management, data and analytics, compliance tools, and a path for attracting skilled workers.

But right now we’re focused on the most pressing issues facing the wind industry today. We already have hundreds of contractors enrolled in the platform and we’re onboarding new clients to streamline the process of sourcing and managing wind techs across installation and O&M.

Contractors: apply to join Mobilise today.

Contact the team to request a Client Demo or get more information.

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