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Our Weekly Jobs Digest
Have a look at our permanent and contract renewables jobs in offshore wind, onshore wind, solar storage – globally.
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Calling all Wind Technicians!
Are you a Wind Technician looking to simplify your whole contracting experience?
Download Mobilise: The Wind Contract App 👇
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AI technology that can predict energy demand
The Tekniker technology center has participated in the development of a tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) that allows predicting and controlling the energy demand on the islands.
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US Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal announced
President Joe Biden’s hugely significant Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will deliver investment of over $62 billion, and when combined with the Build Back Better Act, will add an average of 1.5 million jobs per year to 2030.
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Iberdrola will triple renewable energy in Andalusia and create 5,500 jobs
The company underlines that they are the first wind developer in the region, with an installed renewable capacity of 817 MW.
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Attending Wind Europe’s Electric City?
We have specialists from our permanent and contract wind teams attending and it’s shaping up to be a really new and interesting event!
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