News: What’s caught our eye? 2nd August – 8th August

Each week we provide a summary of our latest news, announcements and other renewable energy news stories from around the world that we've found interesting.

Taylor Hopkinson features in Recruiter’s Fast50 Magazine for 2021
This is the first time that Taylor Hopkinson have featured in the “Fast50” list after placing 46th place amongst other successful companies. This is based on our growth in the renewable energy recruitment sector throughout 2020.
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Renewables generated more electricity than fossil fuels for the first time in 2020
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), conducted a study highlighting this landmark statistic, also detailing that fossil fuel generation has fallen to record lows in 2020.
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Vattenfall demonstrates their new solar racing car – the Nuna 11
Vattenfall’s new racer car exhibits an unusual design which helps increase its aerodynamic potential whilst strengthening its stability and performance. The unique car is ready to represent the Vattenfall solar team when they compete at the Solar Challenge Games in Morocco in October.
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IRENA study reveals that renewables was the cheapest energy source in 2020
The study highlights that the costs of renewable energy is decreasing year-on-year. This is due to the demand of oil and coal falling by 8.8% and 5% respectively, whilst global energy capacity had grown by 45% in 2020.
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China aims to increase solar generation production to 300GW by the end of 2021
China’s governmental policies and regulations are aligned to increase solar generation productivity. Despite projections of increasing GW’s, it is argued that the projected performance for 2021 hinges on pricing of solar materials.
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Growth in counter-offering has made it increasingly difficult for recruiters to secure talent
Featuring in our Spotlight On edition, we cover the challenges recruiters face, when candidates decide to accept a counter-offer and the signs to spot when conducting the recruiting process seeking to hire talent.
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America’s leading energy source has seen an acceleration in job demand 
There has been an increase in companies seeking solar professionals in America. This is mainly due to an increase in solar energy capacity and the country aiming to achieve their climate targets.
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Our Weekly Jobs Digest
Have a look at our permanent and contract renewables jobs in offshore wind, onshore wind, solar storage – globally.
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