The value of the Personality Profile Assessment (PPA) in times of change


Changes in market conditions may mean that you need to restructure your teams. It is vital that you have understanding of the potential of your current talent pool to ensure that the right people are deployed in the right areas in the right combinations to increase your chances of business success.

The Thomas International Personality Profile Assessment (PPA) is an effective solution, specifically developed to make your people stronger, teams more effective and companies more productive.

What is a PPA?
The PPA is a personality assessment that provides a psychometric insight into the behaviours that individuals gravitate towards in a working environment. This allows employers to evaluate a candidate’s character traits in a more in-depth way to determine cultural fit on an individual, as well as, team basis.

How does it work?
Individuals take part in an 8-minute questionnaire where they are presented with short statements and asked to choose two trait adjectives from a list of four – one ‘most like’ and one ‘least like’ them.

Each choice reflects their behavioural tendencies and personality in a workplace setting. A personal profile is created around the four traits of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, which are ranked in order, to form that individual’s unique character.

This results in a report which addresses the personal style of each individual, their approach to task and people management and their strengths and limitations.

Benefits of the PPA to an employer

  • You gain a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s fears, motivators, values and behavioural style
  • You get insight into an individual’s emotional intelligence and how they might adapt their style to be effective in varying situations. E.g, how might they perform under pressure? Or, what frustrations do they have in their current role?
  • You can support your recruitment decisions by identifying behaviours that weren’t shown at interview stage
  • You can improve your people management skills, by understanding why people behave the way they do, and which styles they respond best to.

How can we help?
Our Consultants are certified to conduct Thomas International DISC profiling, and this has been an invaluable resource to many of our retained clients over the last 10 years.

We have successfully used this tool on a global basis to assess talent at all levels of seniority within recruitment processes, and as a stand-alone exercise to identify improvements in team dynamics and individuals for the benefit of the business.

Adding value
Our Consultants manage the process from start to finish, saving you time. We liaise directly with each employee to schedule a slot, and offer guidance on the assessment process.

Upon completion of the PPA Assessment, we conduct a 60-minute feedback call with each candidate to discuss the report in detail. From this, we arrange a video conference to provide feedback to our client on the report outcomes for individuals and the leadership team as a whole.

This will include:

  • compatibility analysis
  • competency gap analysis
  • recommendations on how to address these areas in light of the forthcoming challenges within the business

If required, we can expand on the analysis through further reporting on:

  • Team Make Up
  • Competency Gaps
  • Compatibility Analysis
  • High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) Aptitude
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Employee Engagement Metrics

Arrange a call
If you are seeking to identify competency gaps within teams, identify areas for professional development, improve team dynamics and communication, allow a newly formed team to gel faster, reassign team members to new roles or restructure your teams, this is an invaluable tool to support decision-making leading to improved outcomes faster.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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