Can Poland Lead European Onshore Wind?

Poland recently held the largest European onshore wind auction, with a volume of 2.2GW with an average bid of €49/MWh falling below the wholesale electricity price.

ReNews reports, Poland’s Energy Regulatory Office received 164 bids in the joint solar and onshore wind sale, for projects over 1MW resulting in 101 successful projects.

Poland is still predominantly dependent on coal for electricity generation and is somewhat of an outsider in Europe. 2016 legislation curtailed investment in onshore wind and Poland resisted the ambitions of the other 27 leaders at Madrid’s COP25, opting for change at “their own pace”.

But the recent auctions held in December tell a different story and Poland could soon be at the forefront of onshore wind, provided policy decisions support the development of wind farms.

Richard Heap writes in A Word About Wind…

These onshore auctions again highlight the role that onshore wind can play in helping to decarbonise Europe, as long as there is policy support as well. For example, Germany has auctions, but policy uncertainty over a proposed 1km distance rule is causing great consternation. But auctions can work.

If the EU is to meet a target of 40% European energy from wind and solar by 2030 then both will need major investment, including in offshore wind.

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Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

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