Proactive packages put Germany on track for 100% renewables by 2035

Germany is pushing forward plans to speed up the renewables consenting process, increasing clean energy’s share of the electricity market to 80% by 2030. Our sector specialist Ada Paus examines the proactive policy moves making Berlin an example for Europe's net zero ambitions.

The “Easter Package”, which was approved by the German government earlier this month, introduced a range of measures that make it the biggest shake-up in energy policy since the introduction of competitive auctions in 2017.

The world’s third-largest wind power market has moved to position renewables as a primary matter of public interest, allowing the speed-up of permits for new projects and reducing delays in legal appeals.

With this package, the German government is aiming for renewables to provide 80% of total electricity consumption by 2030. An additional 10GW of onshore wind power is targeted each year from 2025, with annual auction allocations increasing up to 12GW per year. That would create a 115GW onshore wind sector by the end of the decade, doubling the share of renewable energy in Germany’s electricity market and ensuring that 100% of demand is met by renewables by 2035.

To meet this challenge, there are workforce and regulatory hurdles to be overcome. The Government will have to follow through on its promise to devote more seabed space to offshore wind, streamline consenting, and hire additional staff to deal with the permitting processes necessary to get the new projects online.


Coming soon: the Summer Package

With the Easter Package approved by the Bundestag, a Summer Package aimed at reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels looks likely to be pushed through parliament. Its measures include a national repowering strategy, improvements to the permitting process, and a biodiversity strategy to ensure that the expansion of wind power is in harmony with the natural environment.

Germany’s responsiveness and proactivity to the current macro trends affecting the energy industry have been applauded around Europe, and they should act as a blueprint for other European countries to follow as the energy transition progresses.


How Taylor Hopkinson can help

As Germany targets a 115GW onshore wind sector by 2030, we’re working with the leading companies in the sector to build, develop and consolidate their teams to take advantage of the new opportunities being created. Get in touch with our specialist team today to discuss how we can support your onshore and offshore wind hiring plans in Germany for 2022 and beyond.


Get in touch with our specialist team to discuss how we can support your renewable energy talent plans in Germany, in solar pv, offshore wind, onshore wind and energy storage, in 2022 and beyond.

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