Solar’s Circular Economy

Glasgow City Council, working with ScottishPower, has pledged to make Britain’s third-biggest city the first to reach a “net zero” carbon emissions target and beat a 2045 overall target set out by the Scottish government on Tuesday.

Eco-labelling, cradle to cradle certification and business models create a circular economy for sustainability in the solar module lifecycle.

“the concept of a circular economy is an alternative to a linear economy built on the principles of make, use, dispose, and argues for keeping resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them whilst in use, and then recovering and regenerating them at the end of each service life. The concept of waste does not exist.

Many modern proponents of the circular economy, like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, base their visions of the circular economy on the principles of cradle to cradle (C2C).” — Becky Beetz, PV Magazine.

Read the full story at PV Magazine. Image – Jinko Solar.

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