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Los proyectos renovables de entes públicas y privadas para su transición energética

Estos son los proyectos que dan respuesta a la necesidad de las empresas y entidades públicas por avanzar hacia la transición energética. Repsol y BP ya cuentan con proyectos renovables que les permiten evolucionar hacia la energía verde. Así como la sociedad creada por Iberdrola y el Ente Vasco de la Energía, cuyo fin es el de desarrollar conjuntamente proyectos…
16 July, 2019

Solar’s Circular Economy

Glasgow City Council, working with ScottishPower, has pledged to make Britain’s third-biggest city the first to reach a “net zero” carbon emissions target and beat a 2045 overall target set out by the Scottish government on Tuesday.
21 May, 2019

Big Data and the Digitalisation of Solar PV

As the installed capacity of solar PV continues to expand, the requirements for technical O&M are growing too. The industry has been driven by significant cost efficiencies over the years, both in Capex (Installation) and Opex (O&M) but the big gains have already been made in these areas and future gains are likely to be marginal. As a result of…
24 April, 2019

Near Future Solar Innovation

Zeitgeist solar isn’t new materials like the mythical Graphene. It’s building on what we already have. A majority of solar production in the US, for example, is still synthesised through crystalline silicon panels – first grabbing sunlight in the 1950s. New tech in solar seems to be complimentary or facilitating what is in place already rather than ground breaking, future…
30 August, 2018