SolarVille is a realisation by SPACE10 – IKEA’S research and design lab.


The project demonstrates how we can theoretically democratise access to renewable energy by combing technologies such as solar energy and blockchain technologies.

“At IKEA, we are curious and always looking for innovative ideas that can help more people live a better life within the limits of the planet,’ … ‘the IKEA funded research and design lab SPACE10 gives us new perspectives, discovering new opportunities within many different areas. it will be very interesting to learn how this combination of new technology and solar energy solutions can make lives better for the many people.”

– Torbjörn Lööf, CEO of inter IKEA group

SolarVille is a fully working, 100% solar powered 1:50 scale model of a neighbourhood, beautifully constructed and high tech. Blockchain experts BLOC, Blocktech, WeMoveIdeas India, and Temporal supplied the technology, and architects SachsNottveit designed the neighbourhood to ensure it looked aesthetically amazing.

The model simulates a decentralised energy community with energy prosumers and energy consumers. Some of the homes generate their own energy from tiny solar panels and others buy excess energy automatically from neighbours using blockchain technology.

The result of the project shows a self-sufficient, community-driven microgrid where people trade renewable, affordable energy from one another depending on individual demand. And above all, it shows that the concept is feasible in a real life neighbourhood.

“Centralized energy systems are often too slow and economically inadequate to reach the billion people who remain locked in energy poverty” … “SolarVille showcases that, when working in tandem, technologies such as solar panels, micro-grids and blockchain open new opportunities: off-grid systems allowing people to leapfrog traditional grid electricity.”

– Bas Van de Poel, Creative Director, SPACE10.

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