The Multiplier Effect – Amazon’s Climate Commitment Brings Scale and Speed


The climate crisis remains a key priority as we navigate our way through a particularly challenging landscape so far in 2020. This week three global giants – Verizon, Infosys and Reckitt Benckiser became the first global companies to join The Climate Pledge, a commitment launched in 2019 by Amazon and Global Optimism, to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early.

The Climate Pledge calls on signatories to agree to regular reporting, carbon elimination and credible offsets to achieve carbon neutrality across their businesses by 2040 — a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement goal of 2050.

Amazon has committed to a full set of measures to achieve its ambitious sustainability targets, which include:

100%   Net zero carbon by 2040
Deploying technology and people to reach net zero carbon across Amazon by 2040, one decade ahead of the Paris Agreement.

80%    Renewable energy by 2024
Investing in wind and solar to reach 80% renewable energy across all business operations by 2024.

100%   Renewable energy by 2030
Investing in wind and solar to reach 100% renewable energy across all business operations by 2030. 

50%    Shipments net zero carbon by 2030
To make all Amazon shipments net zero carbon, with 50% of all shipments net zero carbon by 2030.

Initiatives range from products and packaging, sustainable operations including transport, employees and communities and technology.

What’s important here though is that Amazon’s sheer size could harness a potentially significant multiplier effect. Speaking at the launch of The Climate Pledge, Christiana Figueres, Former UN Climate Chief, Head of Global Optimism, said,

On scale:
“Amazon is not a small company. So, whatever it does to decarbonise its own operations is already a huge help to global decarbonisation efforts.

However, its commitment to working with upstream suppliers to have them also work towards these same decarbonisation goals, then has a massive effect on those companies working downstream as well, creating a much bigger impact.”

On speed:
“The climate crisis is upon us. Every day counts, every month counts, and certainly every year counts. So, to take the pledge of coming in 10 years early to carbon neutrality is a huge contribution to ambition.”

The severity of the climate crisis is urging more and more global giants to rethink their contribution to sustainability, and commitment to achieving global climate targets, with many now investing in renewable energy.

Securing the first signatories is a huge step forward and kick starts the momentum to attract further support throughout 2020.

Amazon Founder and Chief Executive, Jeff Bezos says, “When significant companies like Infosys join The Climate Pledge, they send an important signal to the market that it’s time to invest in low carbon products and services.

Find out more about how Taylor Hopkinson is doing business in a sustainable way.

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