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Opportunity for Mandarin Speaking Senior Legal Manager to join a global leading renewable energy company. This Role will be based in Germany and covers European countries.


1. Responsible for the preparation of medium - and long-term legal work plans, annual legal plans and budgets for business units and subsidiaries, and responsible for the supervision and implementation.

2. Responsible for building and improving the legal support system and risk prevention and control system for the operation of overseas business units and subsidiaries, and providing comprehensive legal protection and legal support for the development of overseas business units and subsidiaries.

3. Responsible for the legal support of major projects of European business divisions and subsidiaries, including the establishment, alteration and cancellation of overseas business divisions and subsidiaries, the negotiation of major projects such as foreign investment, merger and reorganization, merger and division, material asset purchase and sales, and providing legal support;

4. Responsible for organizing and carrying out the legal compliance review of overseas affairs department and subsidiaries.

5. Responsible for the management and handling of overseas legal disputes and litigation cases. Participating in the management and assessment of external lawyers for the company's overseas business;

6. Responsible for organizing and responding to overseas bilateral and counter-investigation, overseas trade protection and export control.

7. Responsible for overseas legal team building and talent training.

8. Responsible for organizing overseas legal publicity and training of the company.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in law, English and Mandarin as working language.

Ideally over 8 years of legal work experience or legal management experience;

2. Overseas working experience or legal experience in a foreign company is preferred.

3. Have expertise in the study of international law, civil and commercial law, can handle various legal affairs independently, and can lead the team to complete various special legal affairs.

4. Strong learning ability, communication and coordination ability, strong leadership and management ability, high enthusiasm for work, strong executive ability.

5. Office is based in Frankfurt.

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