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Offshore Wind

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead the development, implementation, and compliance with best procurement practices across Global Offshore Wind projects in accordance with market conditions. Also, ensure compliance with the applicable policies of each subsidiary/consortium.
  • Oversee the overall procurement budget and resources planning and allocation for existing and future opportunities.
  • Advise the Business Development and Asset Management functions in Offshore Wind on budgetary and contract-related strategies and matters.
  • Establish and ensure implementation of Offshore Wind supply chain procedures and requirements.
  • Lead the development of the main equipment's supply agreement strategy that meets the needs of each project to deliver the best target and financial aspects of each opportunity.
  • Establish, manage, and implement factory qualification processes of specified main equipment.
  • Manage the appointment of third-party logistics providers and assurance inspectors.
  • Implement procurement policies, procedures, and systems and establish a reporting mechanism and logistics systems and procedures.
  • Lead the post-bid procurement process and negotiations with the shortlisted OEMs.
  • Lead the WTG, BoP Contracts, and O&M agreement negotiations with the Contractors and the O&M providers based on the agreed position at bid submission, lead company and Partners standard Head of Terms (HoT) agreements, and close coordination with the relevant teams within Offshore Wind and UK as well as overall (e.g., Legal, Insurance, Treasury) as applicable.
  • Lead the development of all other contracts, e.g. Owners Engineer, Independent Engineer, Inspection agreements, expeditor, etc.
  • Support contract management following contract execution from contractual and commercial perspectives
  • Review, manage, and advise BoP, and WTG contractors related official communications and support delivery/execution teams in managing the WTG, BoP, and O&M contracts.
  • Ensure alignment between WTG, BoP, and O&M contracts and project agreements as applicable.
  • Perform procurement in relation to offshore wind projects. The developers, with the help of the technical experts, will define their project needs. The Procurement Manager will have to identify and qualify potential suppliers locally and internationally. In coordination with the development teams, the Procurement Manager will prepare and issue the Request for Proposals, evaluates the offers, perform commercial negotiations with the suppliers, select the preferred supplier, and finalize the contractual documents.
  • Lead and manage the procurement process of the specified main equipment.
  • Manage the purchase order process based on supply agreements and project requirements as applicable.
  • Manage the supplies delivery process and anticipate any expedition needed based on the project timelines.
  • Advise and guide on leading practices related to procurement to all company CE departments.
  • Drive and manage the control, quality, budget, and process for all unit's matters related to procurement and contracts.
  • Ensure effective communication and consultation between with head office procurement and internal customers.
  • Contribute to the deliverables, preparation of bids/ acquisitions, progress reports, and presentations to
  • the management.
  • Ensure relationships with service-level providers are managed smoothly and effectively in a way that guarantees the company is provided with quality and timely services in line with relevant service-level agreements.
  • As and when required by management, personally manage key relationships/negotiations with relevant internal and external stakeholders in order to ensure the negotiation and agreement of favorable deals and agreements that safeguard the best interests while ensuring the delivery of necessary needs/goals.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement and implementation of unit systems, policies and procedures covering all areas of activity so that all relevant procedural/ legislative requirements and standards are fulfilled while ensuring that policies and procedures support the delivery of the strategy.
  • Complete all relevant reports in a comprehensive, accurate, and timely manner, and comply with international principles of corporate governance and standards and shareholder requirements.
  • Complete all relevant reports in a comprehensive, accurate, and timely manner, and comply with international principles of corporate governance and standards and shareholder requirements.


  • Exceptional communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills leading to a consultative approach within a corporate/multifunctional environment
  • Strong understanding of the complexity and challenges of driving/building a project delivery culture and strong project management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of drafting and negotiating contracts suitable for offshore wind businesses
  • Knowledge of renewable energy and the traditional energy industry
  • Knowledge of processes, templates, tools, and systems used in bids and proposals
  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Ability to prioritize actions and manage a diverse cross-functional team
  • Strong commercial risk knowledge base
  • Sound understanding of corporate/project finance transactions
  • Knowledge of financial, legal, and corporate responsibility matters

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, business administration or finance, or a related field
  • 8-10 years' experience in contracts and purchasing in a large organization requiring the procurement of a large range of products and services, including at least 2-3 years in a managerial role or equivalent.
  • Renewable energy experience is required.

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