When the sun and stars align


Solar PV again dominated total renewable and power capacity additions last year and will continue to be an essential renewables option in the coming decades.

Los Angeles has a tremendous energy requirement and is making strides in promoting innovative ways to establish a market for this technology to fully harness the power of the sun.

One such solution that is set to become a big hit, comes in the form of a giant new building that will capture and convert sunlight into electricity.

US media giant Netflix, will occupy all 13 floors of The Epic building in Hollywood, which is the first of its kind to have solar energy-generating panels fitted to its façade. With around 278 days of sunshine per year on average, it seems like the perfect place for such an experiment.

The 310 panels will supply 1.5 percent of the power required by Netflix. As yet it is unclear how much energy can be generated, as vertical panels are less efficient than roof panels.

However, The Epic will no doubt light up the LA skyline, and we will watch with interest, in the hope that our Netflix favourites are soon streamed to us using the power of the sun. 

Why the Star of a Big Hollywood Development Is the Sun

Thibault Penin on Unsplash

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