Commercial and Tendering Manager in Offshore Wind Industry

The company is on the lookout for a candidate who combines technical expertise with a strategic, business-oriented mindset. The role in question is that of a Commercial/Tendering Manager, tasked with securing future submarine cable project contracts, specifically within the domain of offshore wind farm initiatives. This role encompasses responsibilities such as the development and management of profit and loss calculations, alongside overseeing the bidding process, and ensuring timely coordination and execution of project deliverable.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Contract Management: This involves preparing and presenting materials for Contract & Tender (C&T) and pricing discussions at tender approval meetings. It includes the review, finalisation, and negotiation of terms, conditions, and clarifications throughout each stage of tender submissions.

  2. Relationship Management: The manager will be instrumental in building and nurturing relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, acting as the primary contact for all contract-related inquiries and discussions.

  3. Stakeholder Engagements: Leading the initiation of tender processes, organising and managing tender meetings, ensuring all necessary documentation is prepared and shared, and overseeing risk management and follow-up actions to guarantee commitments are met.

  4. Document Management: Keeping a thorough record of all communications and documents related to current and prospective contracts, ensuring information is up-to-date and accessible.

  5. Solution Management: Addressing and resolving any issues related to contracts, whether these challenges arise with external parties or within the confines of the company itself.