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Executive search, permanent and contract recruitment consulting for pure-play renewable energy companies across the globe.

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Proven search and selection methodology to identify niche talent across international markets in line with your requirements.

Executive Search

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Professional services tailored to your long-term needs to attract, select and retain the best people for your business.


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100% compliant contract personnel solutions tailored to your global renewable energy projects.


Latest News Stories

#AllaboutRenewablesClimateOffshore Wind
17 July, 2018

Wind Drought

All who have lived or visited the UK have surely felt the wind blow at an almost constant somewhere between light breeze and storm force gale. It’s a strange and bizarre concept to think that the UK doesn’t have enough wind to power it’s turbines.
29 June, 2018

Skills Shortage Report

The increasing deployment of renewables brings new challenges. Because the field is relatively new and job creation is growing exponentially, it will be increasingly difficult for companies to find skilled talent to fill the hundreds of thousands of new renewable energy jobs each year.
#AllaboutRenewablesOffshore Wind
14 June, 2018

Global Wind Day 2018

For Global Wind Day 2018 we thought it would be a nice to have a look at the history of Wind energy. From it's beginnings to the future. We realised we only really looked at the here and now for wind. Then we thought, how the heck did we get here?

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