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We are proud to be exclusively partnering with Vattenfall to deliver critical talent for their onshore and offshore wind operations.

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Executive search, permanent and contract recruitment consulting for pure-play renewable energy companies across the globe.

Executive Search

Proven search and selection methodology to identify niche talent across international markets in line with your requirements.

Executive Search

Permanent Recruitment

Professional services tailored to your long-term needs to attract, select and retain the best people for your business.


Contract Recruitment

100% compliant contract personnel solutions tailored to your global renewable energy projects.


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24 April, 2019

Big Data and the Digitalisation of Solar PV

As the installed capacity of solar PV continues to expand, the requirements for technical O&M are growing too. The industry has been driven by significant cost efficiencies over the years, both in Capex (Installation) and Opex (O&M) but the big gains have already been made in these areas and future gains are likely to be marginal. As a result of…
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23 April, 2019

7 excellent books to learn more about Renewable Energy

We bring you a selection of podcasts and radio programs exploring the latest in green energies, climate change, and energy consumption… with a powerful message and a different perspective on the world.
12 April, 2019

The Best Renewable Energy Videos to Keep You Informed

We’ve collected the best renewable energy newsletters covering green energy, energy policy, renewable energy jobs and recruitment, industry reports, analysis, and data science, and technologies like wind, solar, storage and alternative clean energies.

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