Taylor Hopkinson and OffshoreWind4Kids bring educational events to Asia

Having delivered over 10 events already across the UK, Europe and the US, our next stop is Asia! We will bring this wonderful initiative to Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, engaging children and families in learning about renewables.
Children and mother build model offshore wind pylon on the beach at Wind4Kids event
OffshoreWind4Kids Is A Global Initiative That Engages Children In Engineering, Technology And Renewables Through Fun Educational Events.

Children across Asia are set to learn about engineering, technology and renewables thanks to our continued partnership with OffshoreWind4Kids, a global programme designed to engage children in STEM education.

The wind industry has generated nearly 1.2 million jobs globally with an additional 4.3 million jobs forecast over the next five years. We’re committed to taking steps to address the potential skills gap and attract the next generation of renewables specialists.

OffshoreWind4Kids aims to teach children about renewable energy in a fun and engaging way, through a programme of demonstration days and educational activities across the world.

We will be delivering a series of “Wind4Kids” events that will be held indoors and are less technical that the offshore variation. Families are encouraged to sign up to take part in the initiative and join the Wind4Kids team at their local venue, where children can get hands on with small scale wind turbines and learn about various aspects of wind energy.

Wind4Kids events in Asia

We are securing venues for the Wind4Kids events across the locations below. Sign up for your local event at OffshoreWind4Kids.

  • 1st August – Tokyo, Japan
  • 4th August – British Embassy, Seoul, South Korea
  • 7th August – Taipei, Taiwan

“The offshore wind sector is accelerating at pace, and this presents exciting, sustainable career opportunities globally,” says Tom Hopkinson, our CEO. “We believe that OffshoreWind4Kids is a fantastic initiative that offers the perfect solution to attracting the next generation of talent. Involving kids at an early age in fun activities related to offshore wind is a great way to influence their potential career choices, inspire them to join the industry and create awareness for the environment in general.

“I would encourage anyone with an interest in renewables, or children that just like to spend some time doing fun things, to sign up and join us.”

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