Ready, steady…. GO! Our team in Valencia completes the “XI Carrera de Empresas” to support the Rehoboth project

Taylor Hopkinson’s Valencia team took part in the 2024 “XI Carrera de Empresas de Valencia”, an annual fundraising event that raises awareness of social charities by connecting people with sport.
Taylor Hopkinsons team Valencia posing before the Carrera de Empresas Valencia charity race

This year’s event attracted a record-breaking number of participants, all committed to supporting charity partner “Rehoboth”, a project run by the Natania Association. Through its local support centre in Valencia, the Rehoboth Project offers support to homeless people, providing day-to-day essentials, food and clothing and additional resources to help them recover their well-being and dignity.

Logo for the homeless support charity 'Rehoboth Asociacion Natania',

Here’s what our team had to say about the experience:

“I’ve been wanting to take part in this event for a while! It’s something a bit different to what we’re used to, and it was a great opportunity to get our team together and take on the challenge for such a good cause.

TH has always committed to annual challenges, mainly in the UK where our head office is located, to raise vital funds for amazing charities. This is the first time we’ve done anything like this in Spain. I knew this particular race would be perfect and I was delighted when the team agreed to take part!

More than 8,000 people took part in the race, whether running or walking (the latter more our case!). We were so happy to be there, and it helps to reaffirm our social commitment.”

Lea Kuvalja, Managing Consultant.

Taylor Hopkinsons team Valencia posing before the Carrera de Empresas Valencia charity race

“I was so happy to take part and it was such a rewarding experience to help homeless people living in Valencia. None of us are “runners” but we all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone to finish the race. We certainly sweated, but we also laughed a lot – with a healthy dose of team competition! We’re excited to do it all again next year! (And some of us have even started running more in our free time)!” 

Anita Michalska, Consultant.


“I really enjoyed it, it was a great way to connect with my colleagues outside of the office! I’d definitely to it again next year, as it motivated me to start running more often.”  

Francesco Iazzi, Consultant.


“It showed us that we are able to go beyond our limits to achieve a common goal. And the fact that everything was for a good cause makes me proud of it. Nobody in the team is a professional runner, but we managed to finish the race together.”

 Martina Conti, Consultant.

Taylor Hopkinsons team Valencia posing before the Carrera de Empresas Valencia charity race, and logo banner of the charity

“It’s great to see how companies support the health and well-being of their employees by empowering them to take part in initiative like this. It was a fabulous day on Sunday, spending quality time with the team.”

Noelia Paniagua, Senior Consultant.


“Going out with the team to have dinner, to have a drink, is great, but doing sport events, outdoors, that allow us to “compete” with each other, which is amazing. For us, it was a great experience. And if you add the fact that we’re contributing to a deserving cause, is even better!”

Lucas Hofmann (Director, Spain).


This event was a huge success for our team, both on a personal and social level and we’re ready to take on the next challenge to support more charities in Valencia!

If you want to know more about our social commitment, visit our ESG page.