Taylor Hopkinson and Brunel launch first Fact to the Future report

Thousands of renewables professionals have been surveyed to create a series of reports profiling the industry at a key point in the energy transition.
A worker in hard hat and hi-vis jacket at a solar farm.

Taylor Hopkinson and Brunel have launched Fact to the Future: a series of reports on the trends, attitudes and changes shaping renewables in 2024.

From the reasons we choose to pursue careers in the energy transition, to salary benchmarkingglobal relocation, education and training, we surveyed thousands of renewables professionals to uncover real, actionable insights that are interesting and important for professionals at every level of the industry. The result is a series of bite-sized reports that will be published throughout 2024 and 2025, creating a record of a key moment in the energy transition.

“Fact to the Future was created to take the temperature of an industry that’s vital for the future of our planet,” says Fiona McRae, General Manager at Taylor Hopkinson. “Its insights will help businesses that work in renewables to stay ahead of trends, retain their best people, and plan for the future.”

Fact to the Future Report Highlights

Taylor Hopkinson and Brunel surveyed thousands of professionals to find out what it’s like to work in renewables today. Among other key insights, we found:

Download the report now to dive deeper and uncover more trends shaping the renewables sector in 2024.

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A worker in hard hat and hi-vis jacket at a solar farm.