The Best Renewable Energy Documentaries, TED Talks and Videos (update)

We’ve collected some of the best renewable energy documentaries on Netflix, YouTube channels, hand-picked videos from pre-eminent thought leaders and video podcasters, and TED Talks covering renewable energy - energy policy, renewable energy jobs and recruitment, industry reports, analysis, and data science, and technologies like wind, solar, storage and alternative clean energies.


Updated 28th May 2021.

We’ll keep this list updated so that it’s a comprehensive source for renewable and sustainable energy videos. If you think we might have missed some essential sources, please let us know below. We’ve turned on comments at the bottom of this article and we’d love to hear from you.

We bring you… the best sustainability climate change and renewable energy videos.


Renewable Energy, Climate Change & Sustainability Documentaries

We’ve handpicked (what we think) are some great documentaries for you to investigate and watch on the subjects of sustainability, climate change and renewable energy. They range from the bigger budget produced films to smaller, but just as interesting, independent movies.


New additions

1. Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans

Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will  — that we are losing the battle to stop climate change on planet earth because we are following leaders who have taken us down the wrong road — selling out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America.


2. Our Planet

This documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough share the wonder of the extraordinary place we call home. Utilizing the latest technology Our Planet was filmed entirely in Ultra High Definition in over 50 countries. From exotic jungles to the deepest seas, open your eyes to the connections we all share.


3. Brave Blue World

This is the first honest and hopeful documentary that will paint an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and innovations to re-think how we manage water. Narrated by Liam Neeson, featuring Matt Damon and Jaden Smith.


4. 7 Types of Renewable Energy: The Future of Energy

It explains the current benefits and limitations of the seven types of renewable energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, ocean, hydrogen and biomass.


Previously featured..

1. A Life on Our Planet

Probably one of the hardest hitting documentaries on the climate disaster we’ve seen. This is a must-watch.  Sir David Attenborough highlights the defining moments of his lifetime and the devastating changes he has seen.

2. Minimalism

This sustainability documentary explores consumerism and introduces minimalism as an ideology. Showing people from all walks of life – families, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, etc. – who strive to live a more meaningful life with less stuff.

3. Before the flood

A National Geographic Documentary featuring Leonardo DiCaprio’s journey around the globe witnessing climate change firsthand and meeting people who are taking action against it.

4. The 4th Revolution: Energy autonomy

A vision of a world powered by 100% renewable energy. This documentary shows how this energy transition would decentralize power and distribute capital more equally.

5. Tomorrow

The filmmakers travelled around the world to meet local communities and people that are working on creative solutions to environmental and social challenges. This documentary showcases innovative ideas, rethink agriculture, energy, economy, education and governance.

6. Catching the Sun

This documentary attempts to debunk the ideas suggesting clean energy isn’t profitable. Highlighting how the economy can benefit by looking at the US and China battle to win the renewable energy race through jobs and technology.

7. Normal Is Over

A view of the countless ways humans have put our planet in peril. Tackling issues such as control of our food production, climate change, species extinction and depletion of critical natural resources.

8. An inconvenient Truth

A classic documentary following Al Gore on the lecture circuit, campaigning to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming and the call for immediate action to stop its destructive effects on the environment.

9. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017)

Ten years after the above documentary, environmental activist and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore documents where we are in the climate change fight. Gore reviews the state of our planet by detailing some of the real and present threats we were warned about in his 2006 award-winning film.

10. Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom

This documentary tells the story of clean energy, beginning with the innovations and moving on to installation. It also tells the personal stories of people whose lives have changed because of the clean energy economy.


Renewable Energy TED Talks

Everyone knows TED and TEDx talks so here’s a list of some of the best on the topic of Renewable Energy.


New additions

1. The innovations we need to avoid a climate disaster – Bill Gates

Topic: Introducing the concept of the “green premium”, Gates identifies the breakthroughs and investments we need to reduce the cost of clean tech, decarbonize the economy and create a pathway to a clean and prosperous future for all.


2. How to bring affordable, sustainable electricity to Africa – Rose M. Mutiso

Topic: Energy poverty, or the lack of access to electricity and other basic energy services, affects nearly two-thirds of Sub-Saharan Africa. In a bold talk, she discusses how a balanced mix of solutions like solar, wind farms, geothermal power and modern grids could create a high-energy future for Africa.


3. 100% Renewable energy: You can do it – Gordian Raacke

Topic: This talk is a wonderful global perspective on climate change and the effective actions we can take as individuals to collectively save the planet.


4. Investing in renewable energy in developing countries – Heidi Finskas

Topic: Heidi Finskas shares KLP’s positive experience with combining private and public investments, so-called blended finance, in renewable energy projects in developing countries. By partnering up, we can turn billions to trillions and make the sustainable development goals a reality.


Previously featured..

1. Accelerating The Shift To Clean Energy – Bill Nussey

Topic: Building local, consumer-driven electricity markets, such as the Brooklyn Microgrid, with renewable energy resources. (2017).

2. Batteries Not Included – Marek Kubik

Topic: How energy storage technologies are transforming our approach to electricity generation with renewables. (2018).

3. Ground Zero For Global Energy Transition – Justin Locke

Topic: The role of leadership that small islands are taking in developing sustainable energy solutions. (2017).

4. A Printable, Flexible, Organic Solar Cell – Hannah Bürckstümmer

Topic: Efficient, flexible organic solar cells that can be printed in any shape to allow the facades of buildings to capture solar from every exposed surface. (2017).

5. The Thrilling Potential For Off-Grid Solar Energy – Amar Inamdar

Topic: How the factors of distributed generation– lower costs, infrastructure and decentralization- are revolutionizing the energy market, to the benefit of the environment. (2017).


Renewable Energy Videos from YouTube

Below we have some of the other videos from sources outside of TED talks.

New additions

1. Energías Renovables – Cedecom

Tema: Documental sobre las ventajas y el futuro de las energías renovables. Los distintos tipos y usos que se dan en Andalucía, una comunidad autónoma pionera en todo el mundo, por su labor en investigación y superficie destinada a estás nuevas formas limpias de obtención de energía.


2. More Money Is Flowing Into Green Energy Than Ever Before. Here’s Why – Wall Street Journal

Topic: Investors have been pouring more money than ever into renewable energies such as solar and wind. WSJ looks at how the pandemic, lower energy costs and global politics have driven the rally–and whether it can last.


Previously featured..

1. Disruptors: Smart power – BBC News

Topic: The push towards renewable energy and the quest for greater efficiency mean that we need to find more ways of storing energy. Part of the BBC Disruptors series.



A few honourable mentions

3 youtube channels that are well worth a mention

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