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Ali McWalter

SolarVille: A solar and blockchain neighbourhood

SolarVille is a fully working, 100% solar powered 1:50 scale model of a neighbourhood, beautifully constructed and high tech. Blockchain experts BLOC, Blocktech, WeMoveIdeas India, and Temporal supplied the technology, and architects SachsNottveit designed the neighbourhood to ensure it looked aesthetically amazing.

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Ali McWalter

Renewable Energy, a fountain of skilled jobs for Africa & Asia

Powering Jobs Census 2019: the Energy Access Workforce, released by Power for All, is the first of its kind, an annual jobs census measuring employment from decentralized renewables in Africa and Asia. It covers Nigeria, India and Kenya with plans to expand the census to 25 countries by 2021.

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Leire Vázquez

Los proyectos renovables de entes públicas y privadas para su transición energética

Estos son los proyectos que dan respuesta a la necesidad de las empresas y entidades públicas por avanzar hacia la transición energética. Repsol y BP ya cuentan con proyectos renovables que les permiten evolucionar hacia la energía verde. Así como la sociedad creada por Iberdrola y el Ente Vasco de la Energía, cuyo fin es el de desarrollar conjuntamente proyectos renovables.

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Ali McWalter

No whey! Biogas from cheese.

Wensleydale Cheese Creamery to Turn Whey Waste into Biogas. The English cheese company will be using its factory waste as a new source of cleaner renewable energy.

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