Permanent Recruitment Services

Specialist knowledge and a global network

From time to time, a retained mandate to search for and select candidates is not suitable. For example, when finding someone fast is business-critical and a full search of the market would take too long. Perhaps we are working on the role as part of one of our many PSL agreements with large multinationals.

In these scenarios, our permanent consultants would focus primarily on sourcing individuals from our existing network using our quality-controlled, internal database of industry professionals from around the world. Fees are only due on acceptance of the position by our candidate.

It is this part of our business that also proactively markets exceptional candidates to our client base. Our understanding and insight into renewable energy and clean technology markets allow us to identify matches that deliver significant returns for all parties.

When working in this way we never work with a client just once. Our integrity, professionalism and first class delivery have invariably led to long-term partnerships, many of which are now conducted on a retained search and selection basis.

Outsource your recruiting to Taylor Hopkinson

We’ll grow your team so you can focus on growing your bottom line

Without dedicated internal recruitment/HR functions, resourcing talent can become very time consuming and often diverts key internal resources from your company’s core business.

We’ll set up a Framework Agreement that allows your talented individuals to invest their time doing what they do best while we take care or your recruiting. These are usually 3-6 month assignments during phases of rapid expansion and are the most cost-effective way to resource your projects.

Taylor Hopkinson delivers your outsourced recruitment process, enabling your team to rapidly expand your business and improve bottom-line performance.

If you are planning to add significant additional headcount relative to your business size in a short space of time, please call us to find out how we can help make that happen quickly, efficiently and using methods that get the right team members and leaders for your business.

Attract Exceptional Talent Globally

Access supply chains in the UK, Europe,  North America, Latin America and Africa

Renewable energy is truly global industry. Taylor Hopkinson has assisted many of our clients to successfully enter UK and European supply chains, as well as North America, Latin America, and Africa. Marketing your brand and values through our network of key influencers results in attracting exceptional people.

Our wealth of knowledge on competitor reward schemes, recruitment processes and brand perceptions in each country or region is vital for our clients, ensuring your roles are attractive to the people you wish to attract.

When we partner with a client, we ensure the management team we select is the best in the market so that future recruitment initiatives are more likely to be successful.

Foster Long-term Partnerships

Attracting people across multiple disciplines

In high growth markets, many of our clients need to attract talent across several disciplines and at various levels in the business. A defined brief is not always easy to produce as roles can be adapted and tailored to get the right people into your business at the right times.

Spotting trends, policy changes and high-fliers on the move, means we can proactively add value to our clients by introducing contacts that help you stay ahead of the competition.

In these circumstances we provide a contingency service, often on an exclusive basis, reaching out to relevant talent so that they’re aware of the career opportunities our clients’ businesses bring to the market.

Contact us & start building your A-Team.

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