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Job ID 21849

Job title: Public Relations Manager

Location: Bangkok, Thailand.

About the role:

  • Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of related government departments, industry organisations and other resource relations, effectively obtain the support of government agencies and associations. Ensure the company's business develop stably.
  • Familiar with the central ministries and relevant industry associations, and establish communication with relevant departments as soon as possible (e.g. Central Bank, National Energy Administration, Merchants Administration, National Development and Reform Commission, Immigration Administration, China Embassy Thailand).
  • Execute in-depth communication with relevant business departments, support business departments in planning the implementation and promotion of various government projects, and maintain good communications with external governments according to the company's strategies and programs.
  • Have a high degree of systematic thinking, output company awareness and brand image, build various projects with government departments, and strengthen the influence of enterprises in government agencies.
  • Pay close attention to the policies and trends related to the company, and analyse the policies, plans and trends related to the development and growth of the company, and do reasonable deployment and response.
  • Able to independently deal with difficult situations and propose efficient solutions.


  • More than five years of relevant work experience.
  • Strong government connections and administrative resources, media resources, and work experience in Party committees, government departments or industry authorities at all levels are preferred.
  • Have a deep understanding of government work procedures and government culture, have good coordination and communication skills with government personnel, and have project docking experience is preferred.
  • Familiar with Energy industry related laws and regulations, with independent problem-solving ability, strong observation and adaptability, excellent interpersonal communication and coordination skills, strong social activity ability.
  • Have good writing skills and document writing skills, can draft plans, summaries, programs and other copy writing, skilled use of excel, PowerPoint and other office software.
  • Good team work ability and sense of service, outgoing personality, good communication, honest and trustworthy.

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