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Our electrolyser specialist recruitment services

Pioneering electrolyser technologies are playing a crucial role in the energy transition by enabling the production and utilisation of green hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy vector.

As the world seeks to transition away from fossil fuels to a net zero emissions economy, electrolysers have emerged as one of the key technologies for facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources into sectors like heavy industry, aviation, shipping and transport.

At Taylor Hopkinson, we understand how crucial it is to find and nurture talent within this emerging, fast-growing sector. With expertise in chemical engineering and technology development within our multinational team, we are specialists in finding and delivering proven, experienced talent to the world’s leading green hydrogen businesses. We have expertise supporting our clients on with alkaline, PEM and SOFC electrolyser projects, having worked on each on a global scale.

Our consultants look beyond renewables to deliver candidates with the skills and experience to drive electrolyser development projects forward. We also help to shape organisational structure, and design succession and development plans to match your organisation’s long-term ambition, putting you in the position to lead well into the future.

  • Electrolyser roles we’ve delivered
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    • Head of Systems Development
    • Vice President, Europe
    • Country Lead
    • Strategy Director
    • Project Manager
    • Power Advisor
    • Chief Stack Engineer
    • Process Engineer
    • Business Development Manager 
    • Commercial Manager
    • Commercial Analyst
    • PtX Electrification Technologist
    • Sales Vice President
    • Environmental Manager
    • Policy and Regulation Manager
    • Market Developer
    • PtX Solutions Architect
    • Head of Project Development
    • Marketing Manager
    • Head of Strategy, Europe
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Postgraduate Renewable Hydrogen Programme 

In partnership with New Energy Institute. An unprecedented number of pioneering green hydrogen projects will be coming online across Europe in the coming years, requiring as many as 50,000 hydrogen specialists by 2030.  In partnership with New Energy Business School, Brunel has developed a comprehensive post-HBO course that has already levelled up more than 100 industry pioneers into green hydrogen specialists with the knowledge and skills to carve out a sustainable career in the industry. Connect with Ross Smith on the channels below to find out how to enrol.
Taylor Hopkinson partners with electrolyser specialist organisations, New Energy Business School and Energy Delta Institute
Key Contacts
Ross Smith, Green Hydrogen Recruitment Lead at Taylor Hopkinson
Ross Smith
Green Hydrogen Lead
An experienced chemical engineer and recruitment expert, Ross leads our Green Hydrogen division worldwide.
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Jamie Taylor
Managing Director, Permanent Recruitment
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