5 Reasons to hire a specialist renewables recruitment partner

As the market gets even more competitive, businesses in the green energy space cannot expect to meet their objectives without getting talent attraction, management and retention right.

Governments around the world are investing and showing historic ambition to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which would keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C.

The renewables industry is rising to this challenge, ramping up deployment and pushing the frontiers of technology to triple global capacity by the mid-point of the century. But as we build more renewables projects, the demand for skilled specialists is outpacing supply – meaning specialist recruiters like Taylor Hopkinson are becoming essential partners across the whole value chain.

Here are five scenarios where a dedicated green energy recruitment partner like Taylor Hopkinson could be the answer to your challenge.

You need a needle-in-a-haystack specialist

In pioneering industries like green hydrogen and floating wind, where technology is developing rapidly, we’re seeing roles evolving, and new roles emerging that have unique requirements across skillsets, languages, and technologies. In some cases, there are only a handful of potential candidates capable of delivering these pioneering projects. For deeply complex, technical roles, it might not even be obvious to in-house hiring managers which candidates meet the criteria if they’re currently in another industry, or if they don’t match the job spec exactly.

These needle-in-a-haystack candidates are in high demand, and they’re most likely not searching on job boards – so it takes a specialist headhunter with industry-insider knowledge to find them.

This is where Taylor Hopkinson thrives: our green hydrogen and offshore wind experts specialise in unique roles like green hydrogen electrolysis specialists and HVDC electrical engineers.

For example, we worked with a global energy major to fill several technical permanent positions throughout Europe. A key challenge: the very limited talent pool of candidates on the continent with the level of technical expertise in niche P2X systems. This necessitated a global search to find and relocate the required skillsets.We sourced a P2X Solutions Architect and a Green Hydrogen Solutions Integrator from the APAC region, supporting with a full relocation to Europe. Our partnership has continued since, with Taylor Hopkinson delivering more highly-skilled P2X-perts to grow its team in this emerging market.

You need a go-to partner for a specialist team-build

Clients often trust us with a complex search project that requires us to bring together several exceptional individuals to build a multidisciplinary team. Much more than a simple recruitment project, these assignments require deep sector expertise and wouldn’t be possible without our in-house salary benchmarking, global mobility and business intelligence expertise.

We have been delivering team-build projects for offshore wind, onshore wind and solar and storage leaders for over a decade, particularly in the Americas where we support developers across the full lifecycle, as well as with key portfolio-level and functional leadership roles.

And in Europe, we are retained as a long-term search partner for a new offshore wind joint venture, sourcing over a dozen roles to create the development teams for its UK and France project portfolio.

A renewables professional in a white shirt smiling in an office.

You need an experienced hire – and quickly

When a new project comes online, it can be a race against the clock to find specialists to deliver it on time and in budget. It takes extensive industry know-how and contacts to fill these roles with experienced, trusted people who can get the job done. And at Taylor Hopkinson, it’s what sets us apart.

For example, when a tier-one Chinese solar module manufacturer was searching for a USA Sales Director on a short turnaround, our teams in Glasgow and Miami worked fast – across California and China timezones – to fill the position. This internal collaboration between our renewables recruitment experts is the hallmark of our global reach and depth of industry knowledge, allowing us to shortlist 20 incredible candidates for the role and deliver a vastly experienced Sales Director who is now helping our client increase its share of the competitive US solar market.

You need to consider compliance and global mobility

As your business grows, we know how important it to be able to relocate your team members to anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. Taylor Hopkinson and Brunel‘s renewable energy global mobility specialists cover every detail of the relocation, removing the stress from international assignments.

With a long and complicated process, visas and immigration can often be the biggest concern for our clients, contractors and candidates who are relocating. With extensive experience and strong local connections, our knowledgeable, efficient mobility experts handle the process smoothly and remove the challenges – navigating local laws and working practices, and facilitating everything from visas to relocation to settling in support for the whole family.

You want to stay ahead of the market

When you’re focused on project delivery or hiring role after role, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at the long-term view. What market challenges are up ahead in coming quarters? What skillsets will be most in-demand in six, 12, or 18 months?

Everything we do at Taylor Hopkinson is renewables-specific and we pride ourselves on our proactivity. From the specialists we speak to, to the data we gather, to the networks we build, we’re always looking ahead for our clients. That means we see where the market is going, which in turn makes us your long-term strategic partner – not just another recruitment agency.

For example, we place digital transformation specialists into key renewables roles, so that our digital first-mover clients have a competitive advantage. And our Investment and M&A specialists can help shape your investment strategy and uncover new investments and acquisitions, because we work at the forefront of the sector and in emerging markets. Leveraging our network relationships could be key to sustaining your competitive advantage.

So, whether you need a sales specialist on a tight timeline, or impossible-to-find technical expertise, Taylor Hopkinson’s unrivalled specialist industry knowledge and 15+ year track record, combined with the global presence and compliance skills of our colleagues at Brunel, means that we’re the trusted partner for the world’s pioneering renewables companies.

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