Technical Manager, Tracking Systems – Solar PV

Business Sectors: Solar
Sectors: Employment Type: permanent Country: Spain

Technical Manager for Tracking Systems required to join a global Developer, EPC and tracking systems manufacturer in the Solar PV industry, based in Spain or China. 


  • Responsible for the structural development and design of the PV tracking system;
  • Collect and track the technological development trends of same products in the market, develop new technologies and new products according to the business needs of the company, and organise transformation to form productivity;
  • Cooperate to participate with bidding for PV tracking system projects and provide issue technical solutions.
  • Preside over the system design of the project, issue engineering drawings, mechanical analysis reports, BOM tables, and provided technical support for relevant departments.
  • To provide technical support for production and on-site engineering commissioning;
  • Participate in internal technical exchanges and technical training of employees.


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, mechanical, civil engineering, etc.;
  • With more than 3 years’ experience in international large-scale photovoltaic tracking system company, specialised in product development and engineering, among which the products have been applied to the market.
  • Master the mainstream technology of the PV tracking system, be able to independently undertake the design tasks;
  • With analytical structural design and mechanical analysis capabilities such as wind and compression resistance, the calculation of the structure can be carried out independently.
  • Familiar with the mechanics knowledge and design features of steel structures, and be proficient in using AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SAP2000 and other software;

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Scott Thomson

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